Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Rainbow Maintenance specializes in maintenance services, including floor stripping and waxing for a refreshed look, and scrubbing with meticulous grout detailing for spotless surfaces. Our expertise ensures your floors are revitalized and grout lines pristine, leaving your space gleaming and inviting. Our goal is to satisfy our customers at all times.

Floor Stripping And Waxing (Refinish)

Floors needs regular maintenance and cleaning services in Edmonton such as Waxed, Polished and rebuffed. Sometimes due to poor maintenance the floors need to be stripped and waxed as well. Rainbow Maintenance is known for floor stripping and waxing in Edmonton. Rainbow Maintenance specializes in floor stripping and waxing maintenance services in Edmonton that can be customized according to customer’s needs. Trust rainbow Maintenance to restore your floor to its original condition using green products

Scrubbing And Grout Detailing

Ceramic floors and grout usually end up accumulating grime over a period of time if not cleaned and maintained properly. Rainbow Maintenance can help you solve your cleaning and maintenance problems in Edmonton. We specialise in grout scrubbing and detailing for residential and commercial areas in Edmonton. Grout and deep pored tile cleaning is next to impossible with regular mop or scrubber and this is where Rainbow maintenance can help you. Our professional cleaners with their expertise remove years of dirt and grime, leaving you with a grout and tile that looks just as good as new. The chemical free cleaning done by rainbow maintenance and cleaning services means that you do not have to worry about any damages or discoloring of grout or tiles in Edmonton.

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